Empowering Your Sales Team with a Price Quote Tool

When GadellNet needed a faster way to produce sales quotes, they turned to Formstack to automate their sales quote process.


When members of the sales team met with prospects, they were unable to quote prices on the spot. They had to do a lot of back-and-forth communicating with the CEO, which created a major bottleneck. The sales process was slow, tedious, and difficult to track, and it sometimes led to lost sales.


When meeting with a prospect, their Formstack sales quote form guides the sales rep’s conversation and collects important data like equipment needed, users, and support needs. The form then automatically calculates a price quote dependent on the answers, and it can be easily adjusted in real time. Once the quote is finalized, an email is automatically sent to billing for proposal creation.

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Increased revenue

Closed more sales by significantly shortening the sales cycle

Improved personalization

Created on-demand, customizable pricing for prospects

Minimized inaccurate pricing

Provided sales reps with one source of truth for sales quotes

Streamlined sales quote process

Eliminated seven emails from the sales process

Saved time

Enabled sales quotes to be produced six days sooner

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